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Lighthouse provides fast, reliable and affordable website hosting solutions with 24/7 support available. Our websites are hosted on a private virtual servers held securely in the UK. Our hosting packages can be tailored to meet your needs and come with a range of optional extras to improve the security ad performance of your website and email.


Our off-the-shelf email package includes IMAP or POP3 emails. For a more advanced system we recommend the use of Microsoft 365 and we can assist in the setup and management of your online exchange email.

The benefits Exchange has over IMAP and POP3 is the ability to synchronise all email folders across all devices. Therefore, if you access your email on more than one device and find yourself duplicating the management of your emails then Exchange is the better solution.

Website and email hosting services in King's Lynn

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

If you are a global business it is essential for the speed and performance of your website worldwide to use a CDN. When someone visits your website they are accessing the server it is hosted on. Instead of serving users around the world from one location here in the UK, a content delivery network “hosts” your site across many servers around the world. Therefore, instead of a visitor in America or Australia accessing the site via a UK based server they are accessing it from geographically local servers resulting in faster loading.

SSL & Domain Registration

Along with our hosting services we also provide domain registration and SSL certificates. SSL is an important element to your website with search engines preferring websites with an SSL over those without.

When registering your domain it is important to also think about how you want to be found. A strong domain will help with your organic rankings. However, these are not always conducive to promoting an easy to remember domain. Contact us for advice before registering your domain.

Domain and SSL registration services